Zoom Finance Ltd. understands that different business stages require distinctly different approaches to financing. The requirements for a start-up are unlike the needs of a business looking to expand. Our team of Financing Managers studies each client thoroughly to get a complete picture of the financing solution that is best suited for the business. The client’s account books, business plans and current and future predictions are taken into account to help them arrive at the right valuation. We believe that each client’s worth extends far beyond what the books show. This enables the client to reach the right lender and secure a Commercial Mortgage at the best terms possible.

Talk to us for any of your business financing needs and you will find a refreshing approach to Commercial Mortgages. Our personal handling of each client portfolio, results in offers on the table that make business sense and bring early closure to the transaction. Our approach is to build the relationship with each client for the long-term.

We service, among other business needs, any of the following requirements -
New business start-ups.
Business turnaround solutions.
Short Term Finance and debt consolidation.
Working Capital raising
Property improvement
Business expansion
if you are looking to buy property, extend or develop your own business premises
We are members of NACFB( National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)