The right Bridging Finance solution can just be the masterstroke that speeds up value creation for clients. In the short-term Zoom Finance recommends a variety of Bridging Finance solutions to clients, with a clear focus on the client's desired end result. We have clients wanting to make the jump to a bigger property while still holding on to the current property for a better price. We ensure that the client does not lose out in anyway but makes a successful bid for the larger property. We also have the ideal approach chalked out for developers wanting to time the property market without digging deep into their balances to finance new projects, sometimes funding up to 100% of the amount required for the project. We on our part swiftly move in to clinch the deal for our client, ensuring all the processes are taken care of and the lending institutions very much on our side of the table.

We can help clients secure Bridging Loans for many commercials requirements against existing property. Here are some of the projects you can count on us to get you Bridging Finance.

if you are looking to buy property, extend or develop your own business premises
We are members of NACFB( National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)