Zoom Finance Ltd are Credit Brokers sourcing from whole of the market



Zoom Finance Ltd. is a professionally managed company, with a commitment to meeting the highest standards in Commercial Financing. We are associated with the premier lending institutions to meet a range of financing needs for businesses. Our team of experienced Commercial Finance Managers brings a personal touch to each transaction, even as they ensure that help businesses secure advances at excellent terms.

Zoom Finance Ltd. understands that different business stages require distinctly different approaches to financing. The requirements for a start-up are unlike the needs of a business looking to expand. Our team of Financing Managers studies each client thoroughly to get a complete picture of the financing solution that is best suited for the business. The client’s account books, business plans and current and future predictions are taken into account to help them arrive at the right valuation.

Property Financing is a medium to raise for much needed commercial investments to sustain and grow business and, done well, is a certain route to timely cash inflows. At Zoom, we believe that our client’s property is worth more than just its market valuation. Our team knows that borrowing money against property is all about enhancing value. Therefore we look into all factors beyond just the property value to ensure that the lending institutions look at our client’s case more favourably and give the kind of deal our client deserves.

if you are looking to buy property, extend or develop your own business premises
We are members of NACFB( National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)